How different treatments for clinically localised prostate cancer affect quality of life

Lardas Michael, Christos Papachristou, Emmanouil Chrysafis, Andreas Skolarikos


Introduction: Patients with clinically localised prostate cancer
have a favourable long-term overall and cancer-specific survival
regardless of treatment choice. These options differ in terms of
side effects. Knowledge of the side effects of different management
options is crucial for making treatment decisions, as they
can negatively impact on patient’s quality of life.
Methods: We conducted a literature review for articles concerning
treatment and quality of life for clinically localised
prostate cancer to access the impact of different treatments
on patient’s quality of life.
Results: We identified 5 prospective randomised comparative
studies reporting QoL outcomes, recruiting a total of 2933
Conclusion: Surgery seems to produce sexual and urinary
incontinence deterioration, while external beam radiotherapy
can cause bowel dysfunction and bother. Men managed with
active surveillance have good overall quality of life scores, which
seem to be better than those of patients undergoing radical


Localised Prostate Cancer;Quality of life;Radical Prostatectomy; Radiotherapy;Active surveillance;Brachytherapy

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